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Pokémon Gym Challenge Theme Deck: Sabrina

Pokémon Gym Challenge Theme Deck: Sabrina

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Koga, Sabrina, Blaine, and Giovanni are four Gym Challenge theme decks. Each 60-card pre-constructed deck comes packaged with a holographic Alakazam coin, a Gym Challenge card checklist, a (then-current) Pokémon TCG rule book, and several cardboard damage counters. They were originally released in stores with Gym Challenge on October 16th, 2000 for $9.99 each, but are now long out of print.

The theme decks feature the last four Kanto Gym Leaders players can face in Pokémon Red and Blue, as does most of the main set. In Japan, two theme decks featuring Sabrina and Blaine were also released, both using the same holos as their English counterparts below but with otherwise different contents. No decks were released for Koga or Giovanni, however.

Sabrina Theme Deck

“Sabrina” features a holographic Sabrina’s Alakazam card and primarily focuses on Psychic-type Pokémon, her speciality in the Gameboy games.

Quantity Card Name Set No. Rarity
2x Psychic Sabrina’s Abra Gym Challenge #93 Common
2x Psychic Sabrina’s Abra Gym Challenge #94 Common
2x Psychic Sabrina’s Kadabra Gym Challenge #58 Uncommon
1x Psychic Sabrina’s Alakazam Gym Challenge #16 Rare Holo
3x Psychic Sabrina’s Drowzee Gym Challenge #95 Common
4x Psychic Sabrina’s Gastly Gym Challenge #96 Common
2x Psychic Sabrina’s Haunter Gym Challenge #55 Uncommon
2x Psychic Sabrina’s Jynx Gym Challenge #57 Uncommon
3x Colorless Sabrina’s Porygon Gym Challenge #98 Common
2x Trainer Bill Base Set #91 Common
2x Trainer Potion Base Set #94 Common
1x Trainer Sabrina Gym Challenge #110 Rare
2x Trainer Sabrina’s Gaze Gym Heroes #125 Common
1x Trainer Sabrina’s Psychic Control Gym Challenge #121 Uncommon
1x Stadium Saffron City Gym Gym Challenge #122 Uncommon
2x Trainer Switch Base Set #95 Common
28x Basic Energy Psychic Energy Gym Challenge #131
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